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HOTChinese Language Class

Beijing Chinese Language and Culture College

Recommendation Reasons

Flexibly designed to improve students, Chinese level, the program provides three kinds of classes, namely, the introductory class, the intermediate-level class and the advanced-level class, lasting from half a year to three years, to cater to the differen


HOTGeneral Chinese Program A (Beginner/Elementary/Intermediate/Advanced)

Donghua University

Recommended Reasons

This program being chosen by nearly 70% of all the language students is the most popular program.


Chinese Program->Semester Chinese Language Program

1 Semester1 Year
Starting Date:
2019 Spring2019 Autumn
Tuition Fee:
Under 800014000-16000
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Yanshan University - Qinhuangdao
The most popular coastal city among Russian speaking people.
  • City Type: Coastal Cities
  • Climate: Maritime Climate
  • Air Quality: Good Air Quality
  • Living Expense: 2,000-2,500 per/month
  • University Amount: 1
3.7 (2 reviews )

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