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Most Beautiful Universities in China

Universities on this ranking list all have a beautiful campus. According to different geographic location in China, different campus has different beauty.

Southeast University
2.6(16 reviews)
Located in: Nanjing
Wuhan University
0( review)
Located in: Wuhan
Xiamen University
2.1(14 reviews)
Located in: Xiamen
Ocean University of China
5.0(1 review)
Located in: Qingdao
Fudan University
3.7(9 reviews)
Located in: Shanghai
Jilin University
3.5(7 reviews)
Located in: Changchun
Shenzhen University
4.1(1 review)
Located in: Shenzhen
Southwest University
0( review)
Located in: Chongqing
Zhengzhou University
3.7(7 reviews)
Located in: Zhengzhou
Harbin Engineering University
4.7(2 reviews)
Located in: Harbin
Yunnan University
0( review)
Located in: Kunming
Nanjing Normal University
4.0(6 reviews)
Located in: Nanjing
Guizhou University
0( review)
Located in: Guiyang
Sun Yat-sen University
2.9(6 reviews)
Located in: Guangzhou
Guangxi University
5.0(1 review)
Located in: Nanning
Soochow University
4.6(1 review)
Located in: Suzhou
Zhejiang University
4.5(10 reviews)
Located in: Hangzhou
Peking University
3.9(12 reviews)
Located in: Beijing
Tsinghua University
4.0(7 reviews)
Located in: Beijing
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