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Popular Cities
  • Beijing

    The capital of China, where amazing things happen!

    Climate: Moderate

    Average Living Expense: 2200--2800 RMB

    University Amount: 103[view]

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  • Shanghai

    The economic center and the most international city of China.

    Climate: Moderate

    Average Living Expense: 2400--3000 RMB

    University Amount: 38[view]

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  • Xiamen

    Known as “Oriental Hawaii”, Xiamen is a peaceful and quiet coastal city.

    Climate: Maritime Climate

    Average Living Expense: 2000--2600 RMB

    University Amount: 6[view]

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  • Guangzhou

    The most fancy city with nice climate and delicious food, neighboring with Hong Kong.

    Climate: Blazing Hot

    Average Living Expense: 2100--2700 RMB

    University Amount: 14[view]

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  • Hangzhou

    A garden style city in China by its landscape and culture, neighboring with Shanghai.

    Climate: Moderate

    Average Living Expense: 2180--2780 RMB

    University Amount: 17[view]

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  • Nanjing

    The capital of China before 1949, a city with Chinese tradition as the background.

    Climate: Moderate

    Average Living Expense: 2050--2550 RMB

    University Amount: 21[view]

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